Friday, February 13, 2015

Quickie: My Comedy

I performed stand up comedy for my third time last night, and while I experience a mix of emotions, I usually feel good afterward.

Last night's set didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  I will be writing about this more in depth on my comedy blog, but I wanted to share here, as well.

The bottom line is that everything takes practice before we become masters or even good at it!

As for my shops, I hope to get some new listings up soon. I have listed my most recent bag here.  I hope you like it!

Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From the Tower (c) 2015 Jennifer L. Moore.  Do not duplicate

2015 Outlook

2014 was not a good year for JLynnPro.  I will be honest. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason is family transitions, which started back in the Summer of 2013 with the death of my dad.  Last Spring, my mom fell ill and had major surgery, and she is now recovering.  Weathering these changes, even though I did not have to do it alone, has taken up a lot of my time.  (I'm happy to say that, though she is not yet back at home, Mom is on the road to recovery!)

Aside from that, I spent most of 2014 looking for and then transitioning to a new job.  I now work part time and am able--a little more so than last year--to get back into the studio.

Unfortunately, my sales last year and in 2013 suffered, which meant less income, which meant fewer on-the-ground shows.  (No money coming in, no money for booth fees.)  It is my hope that in 2015, I can get things back on track.  Here is what I am up to:

-One of the first things I've done this year (besides list some new items) is to sign up for the 365 Project. I did not shoot last year much, because I misplaced my camera charger.  Talk about embarrassing!  In the few days I've been shooting for the Project, though, I'm happy to say that I don't feel out of practice at all. In fact, I feel I'm getting better, because--while I break in a new charger and get all of my batteries charged up--I'm being forced to use my phone and one app in particular that I've downloaded.  All photos on my project site right now have been taken with my phone.  As of tomorrow, I will be able to go back to using my D60, though when I am away from home, I'll continue using the phone.  Of course, not having access to my charger meant that I was unable to take on any shoots last year, which sucked.

-The second thing I've done this year is to start regularly listing things in my shops.  I was able to complete a few new pieces over the past month or so, and I've gotten them listed.  I always have vintage to list, so I will be starting to make time to photo and list these items. I don't have  a set schedule yet, because I don't quite know what my year will look like, but I try to set aside a few hours each week for it.  You can't sell it if you don't list!

-My stand up is on hold right now.  I have not performed since April.  I am hoping to maybe get on stage again in February and then more regularly after that.  Barring that, I'm also hoping to get back to work on my comedy blog. With so much up in the air, if I can at least be more consistent with my writing, that should keep me on track.  I make my comedy writers' group meetings every few weeks--once or twice a month.

-I'm not writing as much as I should be, but again--with multiple blogs, I'm hoping to be able to buckle down and get better about that.

-I am, as I have said, getting back to work on my crafts.  I recently listed a painting and a box, and I'm working on a few framed mini-collages. I am also nearly finished with my latest purse and hope to list that in the next few weeks.

As a matter of fact, in 2015, I'm hoping I can get myself back on the rotating schedule that I devised a couple of years back, because when I was on that schedule, I was much more productive.  It's just challenging right now to schedule too far in advance, because my schedule hinges so much on what's happening with my mom--lots of doctor appointments, meetings, and errands, plus I take care of her house in WV, about 45 minutes away from home.  Fortunately, some of my projects are portable!

I won't lie:  In the Fall, I seriously questioned whether I should dissolve my corporation or shut down JLynnPro, but ultimately, I have decided not to.  I'm confident that things will pick back up for me, especially now that I can devote more time to my business.  Indeed, I am looking forward to the challenge!

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous 2015!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Quickie: Website Recommend and Holiday Sale News

Just peeking in to post a quick update. I'll be posting more a bit later.

-Website recommendation: -If you're not familiar with this website, it was created by the Team at Behance.  In a word, gorgeous.  Luscious.  99u is just very inspirational and helpful for us creative types, and I read every issue of the newsletter religiously.  Great stuff!

-Holiday sale:  I'm still going to run a Holiday Sale for my art/craft/photography.  I just have not had time yet to get it all set up.  I'll move the time frame accordingly, but I am hoping to have something up by next Wednesday.  Fear not!

I hope that everyone is having a very happy Fall!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Recycling for Art

 Novelty mirror, broken courtesy of my cat!

Cats are wonderful--outside of the studio.  They really are.  Sometimes, unfortunately, though, they do not mix well with our stuff!  How this happened is actually pretty spectacular, and it's not all bad.  After all, the mirror itself didn't break (saving me seven years of bad luck,) and the cat is not injured.  It's a miracle, but she's fine.  She fell off our second floor railing and knocked this mirror off of the wall on her way down!  Crazy girl!

Anyhow, being who I am, I'm making lemonade out of these particular lemons and planning to take this mirror apart and use the various pieces in my art.  The dismantling may not take place this week or next week, but it will happen, and the elements will get used.  The mirror itself will either be put into a new frame or donated to charity.  It depends on how well I can get all the glue and gunk off.

The frame is resin, so it's not going to be easy to cut it apart, and the cuts won't be clean.  I'll just do the best I can! Aside from the obvious--making my art--my goal is to keep as much as I can out of the landfill.  Making art with found objects, especially when I am recycling, is very rewarding for me!

As for the cat, well, let's just say I won't be recycling her.  She's going to stay right where she is, all nine lives intact!  ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Holiday Sale! Tray Silverplate Medium Oval Wm Rogers Waverly Pattern

Today, I'm featuring this lovely, little tray by WM Rogers.

The lovely, scalloped pattern around the edge of this small serving tray is charming. The pattern is called Waverly. I do not know the date of manufacture. I was able to learn that the company went through many changes, and along with it, the mark changed, and the format of the mark was inconsistent. It's a very confusing history to be sure! 

The tray measures approximately 13.75" (34.9cm) by 7.25" (18.4cm). Unfortunately, there is a tiny bit of pitting on the surface.

This tray would make a lovely centerpiece or a beautiful tray for holding jewelry or perfumes. It's very feminine, but not overstated.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Holiday Sale! Eclectic English Classics: The Comendy of the Merchant of Venice,1893

This Eclectic English Classics book is over 100 years old. This volume is Shakespeare's The Comedy of the Merchant of Venice. The book has 110 pages, including the ads for their other books at the back.

This book is very good shape. The corners of the front and back covers show some scuffing, and the back cover has slight damage to the inside of the upper corner. The pages themselves are all present and unmarked. There is slight gouging on the outer edge of the pages when the book is closed, but that damage does not carry over onto the pages themselves. The binding is unbroken.

The only marking on the inside of the book are a couple of names and the number, 10, which I presume was a price. Though these markings were clearly made with a pencil, I have opted not to try to erase them in order to avoid damaging the page.

I am keeping this book in a plastic sleeve for its protection, and it will be shipped that way, as well.

Published by American Book Company. 1893.

I can't believe I have been fortunate enough to come into possession of such an amazing book!

The fact that I love Shakespeare aside, I'm just floored by how well this book has been cared for! It's beautiful! This would make a great gift for the book lover, writer, or English teacher in your life.