Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sale! 1st Annual HMD WInter Craft Festival.

I will be selling at this event for its entire duration. (Unless, of course, I get lucky and sell everything on Saturday!) If you are from this area, please stop by. It's sure to be a good event.

First annuals are always a gamble, but this organization has been around since the 1970s, and the coordinator is super-nice and seems to be well on top of things. She was able to answer my question about "resellers" very quickly. It is also a small show, and it is juried. I have no doubt I will be in great company.

I will probably be exhausted come Sunday night, but it's my last show of the season, and I think it will be worth it!

Plus, it means my boyfriend will have the car all weekend! LOL! What's not to love? ;)


Christina Drews-Leonard said...

Good luck at your sale, it sounds like a nice show.

If you like fine crafts, you might like to visit this site: from Appalachian Spring.

Cyber_Hippie said...

Thank you! I'm feeling very hopeful!

Nice web site! :)

Jen Moore